Thursday, April 29, 2010

donderdag 29 april

I remember Adam said something on a project he could have had in Brussels.
I remember it was on Andre Gide and a Congo novel.
I remember Adam would talk for half an hour using Vlad the Turd as basic metaphor and explain a whole new idea on modern species.
Tourists spend one thousand euros making a couple of photographs of a castle and in the long end it turns out Vlad and the castle have nothing in common.

I remember Adam toasting on the world food crisis during an opening night end of 2008. He mentioned the Congo project. It was on Andre Gide and a Congo novel.
I had an early edition of Voyage au Congo with André Gide on the black and white cover, a Gallimard edition. Couldn't read. Never read a book.

Aafke, Eric and Adam discuss the project. It's end of April. Eric and Aafke have been working on a project on attitude and affectuation. Adam starts on metaphors. But you read the book, Aafke says.
No, I didn't, he says. (van)

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