Sunday, May 2, 2010

page 44

last words la nuit tombe, nous jetons l'ancre au milieu du fleuve pour repartir aux premières lueurs. Hier, l'escale à Loukoléla

24h a day and 60 minutes an hour make 1.440 minutes a day
1.440 minutes a day and 7 days a week make 10.080 minutes a week
52 weeks a year and 10.080 minutes a week make 524.160 minutes a year
once and for all 524.160 minutes a year

that people Adam on human being: I like people that are interested. It's like you drive down the road and it's a dead end. You drive down another road and it's a dead end.

Adam on the feel of having a good shit: When you get it all out you feel an arse with wings.

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